Huddersfield Carnival 2024: Celebrating African-Caribbean Arts & Culture

Immerse yourself in the electrifying energy and celebration of African-Caribbean arts and culture at the annual Huddersfield Carnival.

Kimberley Smith

Experience the vibrant celebration of African-Caribbean arts and culture at this annual event! The Huddersfield Carnival Management Committee successfully organised Carnival 2023, marking a triumphant return after a five-year hiatus. However, this year presents a unique challenge as the event is operating without financial support from Kirklees Council.

In light of the carnival's 40th anniversary, the committee is determined to ensure its continuation but requires substantial funding, aiming to raise at least £100,000. Urgent community support is essential to make this goal a reality. Every donation counts and even a modest contribution of £5 per attendee from last year would significantly bolster the event's financial standing.

'Keep the Vibe Alive, donate five' Together, let's ensure the vibrant spirit of Huddersfield Carnival thrives for years to come. If you'd like to make a donation to support the carnival, head to their Wonderful fundraising page:

Huddersfield Carnival 2024 |
The Huddersfield Carnival Management Committee planned and organised a successful Carnival 2023 after a 5 year absence. This year with NO FINANCIAL SUPPORT

More about The Huddersfield African Caribbean Cultural Trust:

Their mission is to promote, encourage, and cultivate appreciation for African-Caribbean arts and culture, encompassing carnival and street arts, alongside their rich traditions, music, and crafts. Through a variety of arts workshops, activities, and events held throughout the year, they seek to foster participation and understanding. Central to their efforts is the organisation and promotion of the annual carnival in Huddersfield, serving as a vibrant celebration of community and culture.

If you'd like to support The Huddersfield African Caribbean Cultural Trust with a donation, head to the charity's Wonderful profile page, safe in the knowledge that every penny you raise will reach the charity with no deductions or fees whatsoever.

The Huddersfield African Caribbean Cultural Trust |
We aim to promote, encourage and develop appreciation of and participation in African – Caribbean arts and culture including carnival and street
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