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Evelyn's Gift: Empowering Communities Through Kindness

Providing little acts of kindness to people in need and promoting the crucial training of CPR and life-support skills.

Kimberley Smith

This charity operates with a dual mission: delivering acts of kindness to those facing adversity whilst also advocating for CPR and life-support training. Their "little acts of kindness" initiative is designed to fill the gaps left by limited resources, offering essential items like school uniforms to families in poverty, providing toiletries and clothing for rough sleepers, and supplying wash bags to victims of trafficking and abuse. Additionally, they provide resource packs to support bereaved children and their families, distributing them through local primary schools or offering them to individual families upon request.

Collaborating with local funeral services, they fund silver fingerprint jewellery for families coping with significant losses. Their efforts extend to addressing crises arising from poverty, homelessness, illness, or bereavement, facilitated by partnerships with various organisations, including local charities, Warwickshire County Council Children's Services, community nursing teams, schools, and youth groups.

If you'd like to make a donation to support Evelyn's Gift, head to their Wonderful profile page. You can also fundraise for Evelyn's Gift in the knowledge that every penny you raise will reach the charity:

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We do little acts of kindness for people in need in memory of 7 year old Evelyn and promote CPR training in the community. We help people suffering from
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