800 miles to educate 800 children

Every Step Counts: Doubling Support for Uganda's Future

Kimberley Smith

A small group of trustees, including one who will walk 800 miles collectively, will begin with a ten-mile sponsored walk on Saturday, August 31st, from St Michael’s Church in Highgate to the Uganda High Commission in Trafalgar Square.

Two supporters have pledged to match all donations, doubling the value of each contribution. With no paid staff, every donation goes directly to helping the children in Uganda. If you'd like to make a donation to support the team in their amazing challenge head to their Wonderful fundraising page:

800 Miles to Educate 800 Children | Wonderful.org
We depend on individual donors and sponsors to pay for school running costs and we need new funds to continue our work. I am one of a small group of trustees

More about Kirima Limited:

Kirima Charity operates in Kanungu, a poor region of rural Uganda, providing education from nursery to secondary levels for over twenty years. Kirima Primary School excels with top results, and the secondary school focuses on much-needed science education. A new college opened in 2024 to help students transition to employment. Most locals earn below £2 per day and rely on subsistence farming. Government schools often have low-quality education and absentee teachers, leading many children to leave school early. In contrast, Kirima schools offer high-quality education with dedicated, regularly paid teachers, and parents appreciate the care and nutrition provided. Despite opportunities for higher-paying government jobs, the staff remains committed to the charity’s mission.

Donations, including a monthly contribution of £15, can transform a child's life through education. To support Kirima Limited head to the charity's Wonderful profile page, safe in the knowledge that every penny you raise will reach the charity with no deductions or fees whatsoever.

Kirima Limited | Wonderful.org
Kirima Charity works in Kanungu, one of the poorest regions of rural Uganda, where young people need help to change their lives and support their community.
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