Walking 50km in a day to support access to clean water for people in Sri Lanka

Harry will be covering the huge distance in one go, all to support Sri Lanka's poorest people through Assist Resettlement and Renaissance.

Kingsley Ohia
"Many of Sri Lanka's poorest people do not have regular and safe access to uncontaminated running water. This gives rise to a range of health, hygiene and hydration issues, which in turn adversely affect both livelihoods and education." - Harry, Wonderful fundraiser


Harry is no stranger to challenges, having previously completed the 2021 Cotswold Way Challenge. He will now be taking on a new and ambitious challenge, to walk 50km in just one day as part of the Easter 50 Ultra Challenge. What is driving him? A need for greater access to clean water for the poorest people in Sri Lanka.

Lack of access to clean water can adversely affect health, education, and the ability to grow fruits and vegetables. This has long-term ramifications for those affected, and Harry is determined to change this through Assist Resettlement and Renaissance (Assist RR), and the Water Wells campaign.

Assist Resettlement and Renaissance

Assist Resettlement & Renaissance (Assist RR) was founded in 2012 and seeks to relieve poverty of people in Sri Lanka that have been affected by war. Many of these people had their lives turned upside down and are experiencing untold hardship. This has resulted in substandard living conditions, lack of water, and a reduction in employment opportunities.

Assist RR aims to provide shelter, build schools, generate access to education, and improve healthcare for those affected. Some successful projects Assist RR have participated in have seen them build halls, provide reading glasses, and carry out cataract operations.

You can learn more about Assist RR on their website.

Assist RR helped implement a free cataract surgery project.
"Our vision is to assist and enhance the lives of innocent victims of war, who are facing extreme hardship in the Northern and Eastern regions of Sri Lanka" - Assist RR


  • Relieve the poverty of innocent victims of war in Sri Lanka.
  • Rebuild lives in a structured and sustainable way.
  • Increase the long-term life prospects of those they support.
  • Encourage members of the community to contribute towards, and take part in, their projects.

Harry's 50k challenge

Harry has a big challenge ahead, but the people he is supporting in Sri Lanka have an even bigger challenge. You can help drive him towards his 50km goal, in aid of those in need, by sharing or donating to his wonderful fundraising page:

Wonderful.org | Walking 50km in a day to support Sri Lankan people
Following on from the successful completion of the 2021 Cotswold Way Challenge, I am taking on the challenge of walking the ‘Easter 50 Ultra Challenge’
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