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Oswin Project: Improving ex-offenders' chances of finding long-term employment

The Oswin Project formed in 2012, with the aim of helping ex-offenders maximise their life prospects through long-term employment.

Michael Paul
"I have supervised members of The Oswin Project refurbishing a property. They have been punctual, hardworking and motivated. They finished their work within the agreed time and produced a very professional job. My team were happy to work with them and we will be using them again." - Raymond Turnbull - Welbeck Estates


Oswin Project supports ex-offenders in the north of England through employment and apprenticeship opportunities. The project offers supervision and guidance during every step.

The charity has a wide range of staff and volunteers, many of which have also had experiences within the criminal justice system. This ensures that those they support are understood and approached with a person-centred ethos.


Oswin Project works to change lives through:

  • Offering training and opportunities to obtain qualifications.
  • Supporting the transition to permanent employment.
  • Giving ex-offenders a second chance to build a better future after imprisonment

The charity also appreciates that changing perceptions is also very important through:

  • Giving ex-offenders a chance to become a valued and law-abiding member of society.
  • Addressing the causes of offending to prevent re-offending and improving community safety.
  • Nurturing a move towards permanent employment, where those working around them can see a positive outcome from offending.

You can learn more about the life-changing work that Oswin Project does on the charity's website.

"Our Oswinners get a chance to train, learn people skills, what it means to work, and gain a purpose in life" - Fiona Sample, CEO

You can support Oswin Project here: | Oswin Projects
The Oswin Project came together in 2012 to improve ex-offenders chances of finding long-term employment on leaving prison. The Project supports ex-offenders
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