The Last Kiss Foundation: supporting families affected by baby loss

The Last Kiss Foundation offers support to families that have experienced a miscarriage, stillbirth, or premature loss of their baby.

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"Through personal experience I understand the importance of having a sympathetic environment in which to begin the grieving process" - Annika, Chair


The Last Kiss Foundation was formally registered as a charity in 2015, and was founded by Annika Palmer. Annika was determined to provide an avenue for bereaved families to be supported during their time in hospital after experiencing a miscarriage, stillbirth, or premature loss of their baby. Her mission is driven by personal experiences, and having felt this unique kind of grief, she understands the importance of providing equipment, personalised support, and your own time to grieve.

The Last Kiss Foundation supports families impacted by baby loss. Part of this is done through helping to provide specialist equipment such as AbiCots and CuddleCots, which enables families to have time to say goodbye. The charity also contributes to midwife training and appreciates the significance of helping with the entire process of healing. With miscarriages and still births being very sensitive areas, The Last Kiss Foundation hopes to change overall perceptions of what this experience means for those affected.

You can learn more about the Last Kiss Foundation on their website.

The Last Kiss Foundation also generously supports local causes.
"I can’t begin to comprehend what some parents go through, so if I can make a small difference then I am honoured." - Keely Pierce, Trustee


  • Support families affected by baby loss.
  • Contribute to better provision of equipment, training, and resources.
  • Raise greater awareness of miscarriages and still births.
  • Change perceptions around the grief and bereavement of baby loss.
Annika speaks about The Last Kiss Foundation in a recent video by Torquay United Football Club.

The Last Kiss Foundation are a very unique organisation and provide invaluable support for families affected by baby loss. Any support the charity receives helps them to continue contributing to equipment provision, training, programmes, and much more. You may support The Last Kiss Foundation via their donation page:

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The Last Kiss Foundation supports families affected by babyloss by working with the hospitals and healthcare professionals to provide resources and specialist
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