SkyWay: A positive future shouldn't just happen by chance

Many young people in London have to work harder to create the future they deserve. SkyWay creates and connects them with the opportunities they need to thrive.

Kingsley Ohia

Currently based in Hackney, Southwark and Islington, SkyWay provides free-to-access opportunities to young people, so that they can build unique and positive futures for themselves.  

"We know that many people are strongly influenced by their experiences in the places where they grow up, so we work with the community to help people to find their own way – to grow, learn and feel inspired – so they can feel safe, healthy and positive." - SkyWay

The charity works across youth clubs, estates and even on the streets to connect with communities and bring real opportunities to some of the most disadvantaged areas of London. They also provide direct support services, and have handed out over 5,000 essential care packages in response to the recent pandemic.

A key part of SkyWay's activities involves developing positive role models for young people. Their Sky Way Ambassadors peer development programme generates trained individuals who volunteer to provide activities and workshops to younger people in the community.  These ambassadors specialise in areas such as mental and sexual health, money management, diet and sports coaching.


Wonderful fundraisers Sam and James are currently training for the Hackney half marathon, in support of SkyWay. Despite using the word 'hate' to describe how he feels about running, Sam's fundraising page explains just how critical the work of SkyWay is in the context of rising living costs and already difficult financial situations experienced by many of the families SkyWay supports.

Support Sam | Hackney Half Marathon
I hate running especially with other people but someone’s got to get some funds in for the brilliant SkyWay who do some amazing work. SkyWay work with

Support James | Hackney Half Marathon
I’m running the Hackney Half Marathon for a brilliant local charity who work with disadvantaged young people and their families. Many of the people SkyWay

Success stories

There are some fantastic examples of how SkyWay has helped individuals to develop their skills and future prospects, such as Joshua (pictured top), now Trustee of SkyWay and founder of Custom Crep City UK.

To find out more about the charity or to get involved with their projects, visit the SkyWay website.

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