Shoebox Express: Removing barriers to participation in Christmas shoebox schemes

Shoebox Express is a local charity based in Formby, premised on the belief that it should not be difficult, time-consuming, or costly to participate in a Christmas shoebox scheme.

Kingsley Ohia
"Our aim is to maximise the number of Christmas shoeboxes produced by making the process simple, fun and inexpensive for those in our local community."


Shoebox Express started as an initiative at Formy Methodist Church in 2007. Ever since then the project has grown as it gathered more support from the community. This led to Shoebox Express being officially recognised as a charity in 2017. This recognition allowed the charity to greatly contribute towards providing 1860 Christmas shoeboxes for children around the world in 2019.

Donations to the charity help to provide items for the shoeboxes, such as: toiletries, clothes, games, sweets, school stationary and wrapping paper. They also help staff and volunteers manage the shipping costs involved in sending Christmas Shoeboxes to children globally.

You can learn more about Shoebox Express on their website.

Shoebox Express helps to make countless children happy every Christmas
"We make it easy, fun and inexpensive for you to help a child in desperate need at Christmas. For many children, your shoebox will be the only Christmas gift they receive this year."


  • To remove barriers and increase the number of Christmas shoeboxes produced each year.
  • To make the process straightforward, enjoyable, and less costly for those in the local community.
  • To provide for children in need.
  • To make children happier at Christmas.
An introduction to Shoebox Express

Shoebox Express works tirelessly and voluntarily to produce Christmas Shoeboxes and help those in need at Christmas. All donations go towards making and shipping each box and the charity's Trustees cover all other expenses, such as insurance, printing, office supplies, internet access, and all transport.

Every donation goes a long way to helping them continue to produce shoeboxes every Christmas and give to those in need.

You can support Shoebox Express via their donation page: | Shoebox Express (Formby)
Shoebox Express® began as a small, not-for-profit initiative over a decade ago. We became a registered charity in 2017. We exist to remove barriers
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