Running the Brighton Marathon in support of Blossom Africa

Holly will be challenging herself, and is doing so to support people in Uganda adapting to climate change.

Kingsley Ohia
"The biggest physical challenge I've ever attempted and I am feeling super nervous. I'd love your support to keep me going as I put the miles in training and on the big day itself!" - Holly


Holly has volunteered as a Trustee for Blossom Africa over the last 4 years and her support of their cause has extended to her being able to visit Uganda. This has given her first-hand experience of the impact the charity has at a local level. This experience has driven Holly to fundraise towards Blossom Africa's mission to help Ugandans adapt to climate change.

Holly will be challenging herself to complete the Brighton Marathon. This will achieve both a personal milestone of completing such a physical challenge, in addition to generating further support for a charity that means a great deal to her. There will be plenty of training and preparation ahead of the marathon on April 2nd.

"I have now saved with Blossom Africa for 3 years, and I have been able to grow maize, beans and rice and plan for things like my children’s school fees. I even bought a goat which has given birth to a kid." - Nabuganda Betty, Community Member
Holly, pictured above helping local communities with their planting schemes.
Holly, pictured above helping local communities with their planting schemes. Holly visited Uganda in 2020 to directly support the work of Blossom Africa.

Blossom Africa

Blossom Africa is a UK-based charity that supports communities in Uganda to adapt to climate change. They aim to empower people to be better equipped with the knowledge and skills required to achieve a more sustainable way of life. The charity works locally with communities in Uganda to help them achieve this goal.

Blossom Africa helps members of the community to access savings and loans, which allows them to plan for the long term. Additionally, challenging conditions mean that the charity helps to provide more adequate agricultural training. The charity also appreciates how vital it is to be prepared for natural disasters, and how supporting people to be ready can mitigate any resulting damage.

You can learn more about Blossom Africa and the unique support it provides at the Blossom Africa website.


  • To help adapt to climate change.
  • To help achieve a more sustainable way of life.
  • To better prepare communities for the impact of natural disasters.
  • To improve the quality and survival of food harvest.

Holly is wonderful

Holly is undergoing a great deal of training ahead of taking on the Brighton Marathon in April. She is very committed to supporting communities in Uganda, and all donations will undoubtedly give her a confidence boost that she can complete it. You can help support Holly via her fundraising page:

Holly’s Brighton Marathon Fundraising Page |
I’m taking on the Brighton Marathon in April, the biggest physical challenge I’ve ever attempted and I am feeling super nervous. I’d love your support
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