Rainbow Rogues: Supporting families and children with additional support needs

Rainbow Rogues offers aid to families and children with special needs and disabilities.

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"Parents feel isolated and uninformed on how to manage their child’s needs and how to cope with their own emotions and stress at a time of crisis."  - Rainbow Rogues


Rainbow Rogues was founded in 2005 after a community audit which discovered that the needs of families were not being met. Shortcomings in support and the provision of information meant that children diagnosed with disabilities or developmental issues were not cared for adequately.

These issues are still prevalent today, and the charity acknowledges that parents feel disillusioned with how to manage both their needs and the needs of their children. There can be a lack of a structured support system before a child has access to daily support from pre-school onwards.

Rainbow Rogues offers free sessions for all families to attend and are committed to filling the voids that other providers do not fulfil.

Children and families at a Rainbow Rogues session.
"As a long-standing provider of specific support to young families, Rainbow Rogues can offer advice and support to other services and agencies on matters relating to disability and early years, as well as taking formal and informal referrals." - Rainbow Rogues


  • Support children and families that have special needs and disabilities;
  • Provide a more co-ordinated support system that other organisations do not provide;
  • Promote greater inclusion in sessions;
  • Work closely with other agencies and services to ensure adequate care and support for those in need.
Rainbow Rogues provides advice on what to do in the event of an emergency concerning somebody you care for.

Rainbow Rogues works tirelessly to support families and children with additional needs and disabilities. The charity runs free sessions, inclusive to all, but does rely on generous donations and grants in order to keep doing this. You can support their ongoing efforts through their wonderful donation page:

Wonderful.org | Rainbow Rogues
Rainbow Rogues supports families with very young children who have additional support needs and/or disabilities.

You can also learn more about Rainbow Rogues on their website.

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