red bus used for community transport in Northampton

Power The Red...

Keeping people moving in Northampton.

Kimberley Smith

Power the Red is a fundraising appeal to help provide essential transport for individuals in Northampton who face mobility challenges or disabilities. These vibrant red buses serve as a lifeline for many, granting housebound residents the gift of independence, choice, and freedom they wouldn't otherwise have.

The Red buses, operated by Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire (VIN), play a crucial role in our community. They ensure that those with impaired mobility can access transportation when regular public transport options may not be feasible.

All of the funds raised by will go directly to the Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire (VIN). If you'd like to support them with a donation, head to their fundraising page:

Power The Red |
Our Red buses provide essential transport for individuals in Northampton who cannot access public transport because of impaired mobility or disability.

About Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire (VIN)

Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire has been supporting local groups and communities since 1990. Their mission is to support, guide and influence.


They support new and existing community organisations, helping them to grow, develop and thrive.


They guide community organisations on the effective use of resources, best practice and extracting the most from networks, connections and opportunities.


They represent those who are seldom heard and ensure their views are taken into account in local, regional and national policy formulation.

If you'd like to make a donation to support their work, head to their Wonderful profile page. You can also fundraise for Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire using Wonderful, safe in the knowledge that every penny you raise will reach the charity with no deductions or fees whatsoever:

Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire (VIN) |
VIN is fundraising to “Power the Red” and “Raise a Smile”. Your support will keep our red buses providing community transport around Northampton town,

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