One Roof Leicester: Supporting local homeless people

One Roof Leicester provides support to people who are homeless, destitute refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerably housed in Leicester.

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"Our mission is to transform the lives of people affected by homelessness." - One Roof Leicester


One Roof Leicester began in 2012 as a small networking hub for community groups working with the homeless. The charity identified that there was a wider problem with homelessness and sought to ensure better provision of safety and stability.

One Roof Leicester provides support and accommodation for single people that are homeless. This also extends to migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees. The charity's temporary accommodation is designed to provide stability as the team support those under their care to rebuild their lives.

Support can involve helping find long-term accommodation, applying for benefits, seeking employment, and rebuilding relationships with significant others. One Roof Leicester actively promotes community involvement with their projects; this could be via helping towards the costs of their accommodation, or passing on their life skills to residents.

You can learn more about One Roof Leicester on their website.

“You become a family with the other guests and volunteers at One Roof, it’s been a long time since I have felt part of a family and I thank them for this.” - John, a Night Shelter guest
Volunteers help to construct the accommodation that provides shelter to the homeless.


  • To provide accommodation for the homeless;
  • Reduce the number of rough sleepers;
  • Increase partnership working and the sharing of resources;
  • To provide support in finding long term stability through employment, fixed accommodation, life skills, and relationship building;
  • To encourage the community to get involved with their projects.
A montage of the work One Roof Leicester undertook during a previous year.

One Roof Leicester strives to make a great difference to reducing homelessness, which is invaluable during the cost of living crisis. Support for the charity helps ensure that they can continue to provide accommodation and to improve the long-term prospects of their residents. You may support One Roof Leicester via their donation page: | One Roof Leicester
At One Roof Leicester we provide accommodation and support to single people who are homeless, this includes destitute Refugees, EU migrants and refused
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