NGNPUK: Providing much-needed syringe drivers for palliative care patients

NGNPUK operates to raise funds for greater availability of syringe drivers in and around Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire.

Kingsley Ohia
"Our aim at NGNPUK is to raise funds to supply more drivers into the communities around these areas so that people can have their pain successfully managed in their homes when the time comes." - NGNPUK

No Gain, No Pain (NGNPUK) is a charity based in Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire, operating to provide greater availability of syringe drivers for palliative care patients at home. Syringe drivers are a box that are attached to a patient via a needle. Pain relief can be administered through these boxes, which means that waiting for ongoing injections from nurses can be avoided. This helps to reduce the pain and suffering of the patient.

The charity's inception was driven by the sad loss of a loved one to cancer in 2013. David Jarrett needed a syringe driver in the final days of his life, but unfortunately the lack of availability meant that he had to wait 24 hours for pain relief. It was soon discovered that only 2 drivers were available in the entire district, and this led to the formation of NGNPUK to change this.

What a syringe driver looks like
"With more people being diagnosed with cancer, 2 is nowhere near enough.  These are essential tools that provide pain relief for palliative care, and they should be available to everyone when needed.  When you are in need, you just shouldn't have to wait." - NGNPUK


  • To help provide greater awareness and availability of syringe drivers in local communities.
  • To fundraise and cover costs for the provision of additional syringe drivers.
  • To help palliative care patients receive pain relief in the comfort of their own homes.
  • To help reduce pain and suffering for palliative care patients.

NGNPUK are a unique charity and work selflessly to help provide the syringe drivers that can help offer greater palliative care. Every donation goes a long way to helping fund the near £1400 cost of each driver. You can support NGNPUK via their donation page: | Ngnpuk
No Gain, No Pain (NGNPUK), a small charity based in Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire, who raise money for syringe drivers for use in communities for palliative

You can also learn more about NGNPUK on their charity website.

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