Kieron's New York Marathon: Running for greater awareness and understanding of Lyme disease

Driven by the experiences of Lyme disease that his wife and daughters have had, Kieron is determined to raise much greater awareness and understanding of Lyme disease.

Kingsley Ohia

With his daughters Carmen and Gabi, and his wife Elisa, all having to come to terms with a Lyme disease diagnosis, Kieron has been in their corner and supported them every step of the way. With a greater understanding of not only how challenging the condition is to live with, but also how difficult it can be for it to be officially and medically recognised, he is determined to spread much greater awareness of the disease.

Kieron will be running the New York Marathon and supporting Lyme Disease UK, a charity that works to support patients of Lyme disease and raise a much greater level of knowledge and care.

"Lyme Disease UK really turned things around for me. I was able to reach out to them for help and advice. They made me feel heard and like I wasn't alone." - Carmen

About Lyme Disease UK

Lyme Disease UK was founded in 2013 by two patients of the disease, and is premised on supporting and guiding people that live with Lyme disease.


  • Support those living with Lyme disease and offer guidance.
  • Raise awareness of Lyme disease with both the public and within healthcare.
  • Bring patients of the disease together for mutual support.
  • Campaign for greater knowledge and patient care.

Lyme Disease UK also offers support with understanding what the disease is, what symptoms look like, the process of a diagnosis, and knowing what treatment is available.

The charity has put together very helpful patient information guides.

You can learn more about Lyme Disease UK and the work they do on their website.

A helpful overview on what Lyme disease is, risks involved, how symptoms present, and prevention
"Charities like Lyme Disease UK are absolutely indispensable. They raise awareness, support diagnosis and treatment, and give people the answers, affirmation and community that can truly revolutionise a life, and rescue someone from a downward spiral onto a path of recovery and hope." - Gabi

Kieron has been preparing meticulously for the New York Marathon, with training and fundraising ongoing. You can learn more about his story, keep up to date with his progress, and help support his efforts via his fundraising page: | 26 in the City
Heading to the city that never sleeps to support a charity that doesn’t either. Lyme Disease has had a huge impact for my family, so I’ll let my wife,
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