a person abseiling from the Mittal Tower in London

Abseiling like a paratrooper for Legasee Educational Trust

Conquer your fears on this legendary abseil and defy gravity.

Kimberley Smith

Descend 80 meters in a Hanging rappel from the Mittel Tower in London on Saturday 14th October. Experience breathtaking views of London’s iconic sights from a unique perspective, in the same style as elite soldiers who use this abseil technique to navigate inaccessible terrain. Step into the void, face the challenge, and determine your own speed in this exhilarating adventure.

All the funds raised from this event will be donated to Legasee Educational Trust. Legasee is a team of volunteer filmmakers, writers, designers, and storytellers who are passionate about capturing our military heritage in an increasingly fast-moving consumer society. They provide students, teachers and researchers with unique access to a high-definition video archive of interviews with Veterans of military conflict from 1939 to the present day. If you'd like to support the Trust with a donation, head to their fundraising page:

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In October, I am reluctantly going to undertake an 80-meter abseil from the Mittal Tower in London. Having acquired vertigo as I’ve aged, this is not

All funds raised will be utilised to enhance the user-friendliness of their archive, enabling better accessibility for schools and universities. They currently possess over 700 remarkable personal video accounts of veterans, and they aim to facilitate the sharing of their stories with a wider audience. Their ultimate goal is to make these narratives more readily accessible to a larger number of individuals.

If you'd like to make a donation to support their work, head to their Wonderful profile page. You can also fundraise for Legasee Educational Trust through Wonderful, safe in the knowledge that every penny you raise will reach the charity with no deductions or fees whatsoever:

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Legasee works with veterans to advance the education of the public in the effects of military activities and to promote the conservation of records of
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