Lamont Farm Project: An animal welfare sanctuary

Lamont Farm Project is a close-knit community and animal welfare project. Their primary aim is to rescue, care for, and re-home animals.

Kingsley Ohia
"We try our best to rescue and re-home as many animals as we can. If we cannot find a suitable forever home for our furry friends they will continue to live with us"


Lamont Farm Project's origins date back to 1977. It was established by a group from the local community who were determined to educate and bring people together. Being the first City Farm in Scotland, the project leads by example and has remained popular.

With around 10,000 people visiting every year, Lamont Farm Project continues to flourish and appeal to all different kinds of people. You can learn more about Lamont Farm Project and the animals they have in their care over on their website.

The late Charlie Doran was the first Farm Manager and was the chairperson of the project.
"We actively promote animal welfare and advise and educate people, where we can, in animal care and husbandry."


  • Rescue animals
  • Re-home animals
  • Promote animal welfare
  • Educate on animal care
  • Provide a space for the community to visit and enjoy

Lamont Farm Project relies on donations to maintain operations. To help ensure their selfless work continues, you can support them by donating here: | Lamont Farm Project
Lamont Farm Project is a registered Scottish Charity, No. SC013875 and is a vibrant community and animal welfare project located in Erskine, Renfrewshire.
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