How to create a QR Code for charity donations of ANY amount

Whether it’s for F2F (face to face) fundraising, posters and flyers or even your email signature, a QR code can easily be generated for your charity for a specific, pre-populated donation amount.

Kingsley Ohia

Wonderful charities already have access to a QR code for their direct donation page, which they can print on fundraising materials. But with a little technical know-how, a third party service can be used to create a QR code for a specific, pre-populated donation amount.

This is particularly useful for charity campaigns where you are trying to encourage donations of a specific amount, large or small.

How it works

  1. Visit the free Adobe Express QR code generator website;
  2. In the 'website URL' field, paste the URL of your donation page using the following format but replacing the number 12345678 with your charity registration number and the amount (shown below as 10) with the amount you’d like supporters to donate (be careful not to delete any other characters such as ? or &):
  3. Click Create QR code;
  4. Set your preferred style, colour and file type and then click 'Download'.

That’s it! Any supporter who scans your QR code will be directed to your charity's wonderful donation page, with the specified amount pre-populated. As with any other Wonderful donations, the donor will be able to add Gift Aid, and consent to share their email address with your charity if they wish.  

Place your QR code wherever you like and start receiving simple, fast and secure donations directly into your charity bank account.

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