GamLEARN: Dedicated to combating the destructive impact of Gambling Disorder

GamLEARN is a community of non-judgemental people who support each other and work together to reduce gambling harm

Kimberley Smith

"We support and empower people to lead a happy and meaningful life without gambling. Our collective lived experience drives our work, which we believe is a powerful tool for change on an individual, community and societal level.From this community we offer compassion. From this compassion we create opportunities. From these opportunities we reach more people" - GamLEARN

GamLEARN (Lived Experience And Recovery Network) supports and empowers those who have experienced gambling-related harm. They are a charity who are member focused and with lived experience represented throughout. Their members help shapes and mould their values as a service, and is at the very heart of who they are.

They provide their members with opportunities to obtain learning and accredited training. They are also a support service for individuals facing the criminal justice system, and work closely with research academics who want to have meaningful engagement with lived experience. They offer courses that are developed and delivered by Lived Experience and host weekly online meet ups for their members to connect and share.

If you'd like to make a donation to support GamLEARN, head to their Wonderful profile page. You can also fundraise for GamLEARN safe in the knowledge that every penny you raise will reach the charity:

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At GamLEARN, we recognise that lived experience is absolutely key to reducing gambling related harm – it’s at the very heart of everything
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