Fifth Sense: Supporting people affected by smell and taste disorders

Fifth Sense strives to revolutionise society's understanding of taste and smell and, in turn, transform the lives of those with smell and taste disorders.

Kingsley Ohia
"Fifth Sense’s strategy is to address the lack of understanding within society of the role that the senses of smell and taste play in our lives, a major reason for the lack of appreciation of the impact that disorders of these senses can have on those affected."


Fifth Sense are the first charity in the UK for people affected by smell and taste disorders, and are premised on the belief that society needs a greater understanding of such conditions. By distinguishing what smell and taste are and what disorders in these senses involve, Fifth Sense operates as a vital agent of education and understanding.

The charity not only educates society about sense and smell, but also offers support and advice to those affected by different kinds of disorders. Fifth Sense offers projects and programmes to provide ongoing support. Their SmellAbility program distributes valuable guidance on: smell testing, self testing, diary logging, and how to smell train at home.

You may learn more about Fifth Sense and the unique work they do over on their website.

"As someone with anosmia, gas is a terrifying thought. I know what to do if I smell gas, and yet I know I won't smell it, even if it is there. Like so many things, this is a massive danger to those with anosmia that often gets overlooked" - Fifth Sense Ambassador, Charlie Atkins


  • Educate society on the importance of smell and taste.
  • Inform greater awareness on smell and taste disorders.
  • Promote better education of these disorders in the medical field.
  • Lobby for better availability of treatment.
  • Pursue greater research into the treatment of smell and taste disorders.
An insight into smell training, presented by Fifth Sense

Fifth Sense continues to demonstrate a huge dedication to helping people that live with smell and taste disorders. Donations to the charity helps them to maintain this, and you may support them here: | Fifth Sense
The charity for people affected by smell and taste disorders Based in the UK, we support people affected by smell and taste disorders across the world
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