Feline Care: Providing sanctuary for cats and helping them find a forever home

Feline Care aims to provide a safe and loving place for cats to live, in addition to seeking a long-term home for them to be adopted into.

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"All cats deserve the same rights to safety, love and care and at Feline Care we don't believe it's just the friendly and affectionate or young and healthy that deserve our help" - Feline Care


Feline Care serves to provide a safe space for feral cats, where they can be cared for and treated. This is done in the hope of finding a long-term home for the cats. The charity also promotes responsible care and companionship to equip potential new companions with the necessary skills to ensure every cat can flourish.

The sanctuary that Feline Care operates offers a huge 4 acres of woodland space to ensure cats get plenty of open world to explore and enjoy. Aside from this, the cats also have heated bedrooms and are well cared for all year round. The charity hopes to give cats a taste of what a good, loving home can be like, so that they may transition into a permanent home eventually.

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"We look forward to finding the perfect home for all the cats in our care while acknowledging some will happily live out their days knowing Feline Care is their home." - Feline Care


  • Offer sanctuary to unwanted cats.
  • Care for cats and show them safety and love in a secure and stimulating environment.
  • Find long-term homes for cats.
  • Educate people on how to effectively care for cats.

Feline Care go above and beyond to ensure that cats in need receive love and care in both the short-term and long-term. All donations go towards the care of the cats and ensures their sanctuary can be maintained and developed. You can support Feline Care via their donation page:

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Home to over 100 cats at any time, at Feline Care our priority is cats and we love all cats. We want to help the cats who need us most and offer sanctuary

You can also learn more about Feline Care on their website.

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