Completing a six-day, 251 km ultramarathon for Oasis Cancer Trust

Jarrod will journey to Morocco in aid of Oasis Cancer Trust to complete what many regard as the hardest foot race on earth.

Kingsley Ohia
"Incidence rates of Head and Neck Cancer are increasing and survival rates have remained generally static over the last decade or so. The disease and its treatment can affect crucial aspects of function and appearance." - Jarrod


Jarrod's profession as a consultant surgeon and professor sees him treat patients with head and neck cancer. With the disease being among the top 10 most common cancers in the UK, he is determined to help improve survival rates by supporting Oasis Cancer Trust, the charity for which he is chairman.

In April he will venture out to Morocco to complete the Marathon de Sables. This will involve a challenging six-day 251km multi-day ultramarathon in the Sahara. Under the harsh conditions of the desert, he will complete this while carrying all of his equipment with him.

It is marketed as potentially the toughest foot race on earth, and it is a credit to Jarrod that he will test himself to such an extent in order to support a cause that is important to him.

Many people have the challenge of the Marathon de Sables on their bucket lists.

Oasis Cancer Trust

Oasis Cancer Trust aims to fundraise towards the provision of greater treatment for head and neck cancer patients in and around Manchester. All fundraising and donations support research, equipment, treatment, and greater awareness.

The team at the charity have close relationships to head and neck cancer, through both their professions and via personal experiences. This is a driving force behind their determination to improve the above areas, and subsequently increase survival rates.

You can learn more about Oasis Cancer Trust on their website.

"Oasis Cancer Trust will support patients and their carers throughout their cancer journeys, empowering patients through knowledge and access to support." - Oasis Cancer Trust
Different areas that can be affected by head and neck cancer.


  • Improve care for head and neck cancer patients;
  • Fund and generate more research into treatment;
  • Raise greater awareness of head and neck cancer;
  • Support patients and their carers throughout their cancer journeys.

Support Jarrod

Jarrod has a huge challenge ahead of him, and all support he receives will contribute greatly towards him and Oasis Cancer Trust achieving their goals. You may support his fundraiser here: | Marathon de Sables for Oasis Cancer Trust
In April 2023, I will be heading to the Southern Morocco, where I’ll be doing the Marathon de Sables. This is a six-day 251 km multiday ultramarathon,
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