Braving a 15,000ft Skydive to support The Willow Trust

Sophie will be braving an exhilarating skydive in support of the Willow Trust's mission to continue offering days out on the water.

Kingsley Ohia
"The day out is not only fun and care-free. It also gives a sense of freedom and well-being that many of the Willow Trust's guests may never have dreamt possible." - Sophie, The Willow Trust


Sophie proudly works for The Willow Trust and is going to experience a uniquely thrilling ride through the skies in aid of her wonderful charity. From a whopping 15,000ft, she will free-fall at 120mph and undergo multiple manoeuvres before landing safely. This is not the first time Sophie will be completing such a challenge, and it is testament to how determined she is to generate support for The Willow Trust.

The team at The Willow Trust completed a previous skydive in 2021.

The Willow Trust

The Willow trust provides up to 7,000 ill and disabled children/adults and their carers a day out on their two broad beamed boats on the Gloucester-Sharpness Canal. These beautiful boats are wheelchair accessible, and the days out are completely free for all involved.

The charity aims to build the confidence of all guests and also to ensure that boating is accessible to all. The boats offer lifts to the deck, a steering unit to enable guests to have a turn, plenty of open space, beautiful countryside views, warmth for the colder months, and refreshments.

You can learn more about The Willow Trust on their website.

Spirit of Freedom II, one of the two boats that The Willow Trust accommodates guests on.
"Our wonderful volunteers ensure all guests enjoy a very special day out that they may never have dreamt possible." - The Willow Trust
A volunteer documented what a day out on the boats entails.

Sophie's skydive

Sophie is determined to ensure that The Willow Trust can continue to provide days out free of charge for those that benefit from it. You can support her kind efforts by sharing or donating to her skydive fundraising page: | Skydiving from 15,000ft in aid of the Willow Trust
So, once again, Iā€™m asking you to put your hand in your pocket and sponsor me to jump from 15,000ft in aid of The Willow Trust. NOT only is 15,000ft VERY
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