Boxer Dog Rescue Northern England: rehoming and caring for boxer dogs across the north and beyond

Boxer Dog Rescue Northern England are a rescue organisation that helps boxer dogs in need.

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"Whenever I needed advice about one thing or another BDRNE were always there with their years of experience. They are a first class boxer rescue." - A happy adopter


Boxer Dog Rescue Northern England (BDRNE) work to resuce, care for, and re-home boxers in need. The charity's committed volunteers support every step of ensuring a happy life for the dogs in their care. This includes fostering the dogs, taking them to their new homes, ensuring that homes are suitable, and fundraising to maintain the upkeep of the rescue base.

BDRNE are dedicated to never putting a healthy, non-aggressive dog down. The dedicated staff not only provide a full adoption process for boxer dogs in their care, but also help people wishing to re-home their boxers. Their expertise extends to how to train and exercise a boxer, and how to ensure they remain healthy.

You can learn more about BDRNE and how you can support them on their website.

BDRNE carry out fundraising campaigns to help continue their loving care of boxer dogs.
"A full assessment is completed beforehand and whilst the dogs are in our care to ensure that they can be matched to the right home." - BDRNE


  • Rescue boxer dogs in need.
  • Foster and care for them.
  • Re-home them to a suitable and safe home.
  • Educate on how to care for and train boxer dogs.
  • Generate fundraising to ensure that their rescue can continue to operate.

BDRNE have a fantastic team of dedicated volunteers, who make all the difference in giving better lives to boxer dogs in need. They also make people and their families happy by helping them connect with new companions. Support for BDRNE is invaluable in ensuring the rescue can continue to give boxer dogs the homes they deserve. You can support BDRNE via their donation page:

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Boxer Dog Rescue Northern England rescues, rehomes and provides veterinary care for boxer dogs throughout the North of England and beyond. 
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