Bloomin' Dementia: Providing front-line and practical support

Bloomin’ Dementia was launched in 2017, with the support of Nottingham Forest footballers Chris Cohen and Danny Fox.

Kingsley Ohia

Ever since its launch, the charity has grown exponentially. Bloomin' Dementia strives to offer relief to those living with dementia and other related conditions in and around Nottinghamshire.

Adopting a person-centred approach, the charity completes a full assessment of individual needs. Some examples of the support offered include: advocacy in the community, workshops and events, and respite time for family carers. Learn more about what this wonderful charity does on the Bloomin' Dementia website.


"Bloomin' Dementia is a wholly hands-on and operational community charity. We aim to offer support to the individual (and their close family) with a diagnosis of dementia, in the forms of inclusion, social activities, training, benefits accrual and respite."
The footballers visited Bloomin' Dementia to learn more about their amazing community work
"We hold regular events, supported by local businesses and carry out fun fundraising activities such as auctions and sales of donated items, in order to allow us to raise much-needed funds to maintain our level of support to the families, we currently work with and also to reach out to new cases whenever needed."


Bloomin' Dementia host regular events to generate fundraising, and have their annual charity walk coming up on 28th August 2022.

You can support this event and their amazing fundraisers by giving what you can through Wonderful and sharing on social. Bloomin' Dementia receives every penny donated: | Bloomin’ Dementia
WHAT WE DO Formed in 2017, Bloomin’ Dementia is a charity focused and committed to the relief of those living with dementia and related disorders in Nottinghamshire
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