How open banking is revolutionising charity donations at

The integration of technology into finance has created numerous opportunities for efficiency and transparency across various sectors.

Carmen James
Carmen James

One of the standout innovations is open banking, a system that allows the secure sharing of financial information electronically, under conditions approved by customers.

For charities, donors, and fundraisers, open banking is more than a convenience; it's transformative. At, we leverage this technology to ensure that every donation made is transferred directly and fully to the intended cause without any delays or deductions. Let's explore the significant benefits of open banking for charity donations and how it's transforming good intentions into great impacts.

Benefits of open banking for charitable organisations and donors

Open banking operates by securely linking banks with authorised providers to streamline financial transactions. For charities, this means that donations can be processed directly from a donor's bank account to the charity’s bank account instantly. This eliminates the delays associated with traditional payment methods and ensures that funds are available for immediate use, allowing charities to respond quickly to urgent needs or fund projects without pause.

Another major advantage of open banking is the reduction in transaction costs. At, we proudly offer a platform where 100% of the donation reaches the charity. There are no deductions for transaction fees, administration costs, or other overheads, unlike other platforms where a fraction of your donation might not reach the intended recipients. This model not only maximises the impact of each donation but also builds a greater sense of trust and transparency between donors and charities.

The security of open banking

Security is paramount in financial transactions. Open banking uses standard APIs accessed only by authorised providers, such as Wonderful Payments. These providers are held to strict regulations that protect the privacy and security of users' financial information. For donors, this means peace of mind knowing that their bank details are never shared with the charity or stored on external servers. The entire process is handled by their own bank and Wonderful using strict security protocols.

Simplicity and accessibility

Understanding that ease of donation is key to encouraging more people to contribute, open banking simplifies the donation process tremendously. Donors no longer need to input lengthy card details or remember additional passwords. A simple authentication with their bank is all it takes to make a donation. This ease of use not only improves the donor experience but also expands the potential donor base to include those who might be deterred by a cumbersome process.

To make in-person or face-to-face fundraising as easy as online transactions, has launched it's "One by Wonderful" payments app (in the Apple and Google Play stores). This app allows fundraisers to collect donations directly at events or in person, with all the benefits of open banking technology. This capability is especially valuable in dynamic environments like charity events, or street fundraising.

Instant impact

The instantaneous nature of open banking transactions means that funds are transferred directly and instantly from the donor’s account to the charity’s bank account. There are no delays, no middlemen, and no waiting periods. For charities, the immediate availability of funds is crucial, especially in emergency situations where every second counts. This efficiency not only helps charities operate more effectively but also reassures donors that their contributions are making an immediate difference.


The integration of open banking at marks a significant advancement in the evolution of charitable giving. By eliminating fees, simplifying transactions, and ensuring instant fund transfers, open banking offers an unmatched level of efficiency, security, and transparency. For charities, these advancements mean more resources can be devoted to their core missions. For donors and fundraisers, they bring the satisfaction of knowing that their efforts and contributions are delivering maximum impact.

As we continue to embrace these technological advancements, the future of charity donations looks brighter than ever. Open banking isn’t just a financial tool; it's a catalyst for real and immediate change, making it easier for everyone to contribute to the causes they care about. At, we are excited to be at the forefront of this change, helping donors, fundraisers, and charities make a difference every day. Join us in revolutionising charity donations and see just how wonderful giving can be.

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